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All Jeannie Rose watches are manufactured with intricate design and contain high precision electronic components.  Each Swarovski crystal on the frame of the watches is individually set. To ensure best use, please follow the advice below:

  • Temperature: Avoid letting your watch exposed to any extreme temperatures such as above 60oC (140oF) or below 0oC (32oF) or dramatic temperature changes (for example, immersing your watch into cold water immediately after being exposed to strong sunlight)
  • Magnetic Field: Avoid putting your watch right next to any strong magnetic fields. Generally, your watch is not affected by magnetic fields from household appliances, such as television sets and stereos.
  • Impact: Avoid strong impact. Strong impact may not only damage the watch parts, but also may change the movement state of the mechanism.
  • Water Resistance: All Jeannie Rose watches are water resistant for 30 meters under water. However, as time goes on, aged waterproof rubber ring or accidental impact may affect the watch’s water resistance. It is a good idea to periodically have your watch checked by a professional for its water resistance. When wearing a threaded crown watch, please lock the crown. Please do not operate the crown under water.
  • Chemicals: Avoid letting your watch get in direct contact with any solvent or detergent, etc. to prevent the watch band, buckle, case and waterproof rubber ring from corrosion.
  • Cleaning: You may use a soft brush dipped with soap water to clean the metal watchband and waterproof watchcase, and to dry it with soft cloth after it has been washed with fresh water.
  • Exposure to Strong Sunlight: Avoid exposure to strong sunlight for a long period of time. Strong sunlight could cause the color on the leather watchband to fade and accelerated aging in general.
  • Battery: Replace the battery immediately after the quartz watch has exhausted its power in order to prevent the battery from liquid leakage, which will corrode the watch mechanism.

To view the Jeannie Rose Watch Operation Manuel, please click HERE. 

To view the Butterfly Clasp User Guide, please click HERE.


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All Jeannie Rose jewelry is crafted using 925 sterling silver with intricate design and therefore is very delicate. The silver is plated with rhodium and each CZ or crystal is individually set. To best preserve your jewelry, please follow the advice below:

  • Good habits: Always remove your jewelry before swimming, showering, bathing or cleaning with household chemicals, especially ones containing bleach or ammonia. Be sure to apply hairspray, creams, makeup and fragrance prior to putting on your jewelry.
  • Storing: To minimum oxidation, store sterling silver in an anti-tarnish felt pouch and avoid exposure to the most common tarnish-causing elements: humidity, salt, wool, rubber bands, oils or your hands and sulfur in the air (often found in urban pollution). Wipe items clean after wearing before returning them to their pouch.
  • Cleaning: Polish your jewelry with a soft pure-cotton cloth to maintain its original, lustrous finish. Sterling silver items worn over the years will develop a patina – a warm glow with darker areas as a result of contact with the air and oils in the skin. If you prefer a bright and shiny finish, use polishing cloth to restore the original shine.
  • Wear It Often: Enjoy wearing your jewelry! Don’t tuck it away for only special occasions. Wearing it will actually helps to retard the growth of tarnish.
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